HOA Membership Clarification & Covenants and Restrictions

Every lot owner in Shepherds Glen is a mandatory member of the Homeowners Association.  This means that every lot owner is subject to the recorded covenants and restrictions that were filed with the original plat and the Association and it’s Bylaws created by the original developer transferring ALL authority and enforcement of said Covenants and Restrictions to the Association.  During the 2014 Annual Home Owners Meeting, the majority lot owners voted to make dues mandatory. The $200 mandatory annual dues are a very small amount that goes a long way to ensure our subdivision remains desirable, our values retain or improve in value, and our association fosters a sense of belonging and communtiy.  This happens by maintaining or more importantly improving our common areas by focusing on things like Entry Monument, Landscaping Installation and Maintenance, and capital improvements such as decorative light poles, etc.  It also allows our association to sponsor events for our members to get to know each other.  Please call with any questions or suggestions.