Neighborhood Update 10-5-2014

Hello Neighbors;

My name is Frank New. I am currently President of the Shepherds Glen HOA. I want to update you on what the board has been working on for our neighborhood.

Since our election the board has focused our efforts on a couple key issues. 1. Our neighborhood entries. 2. IRS & Texas Comptroller compliance. Tax returns have not been filed for many years. 3. Lack of participation in HOA dues.

The main focus of my attention has been the entries to our neighborhood, Shepherds Glen Rd. and Green Pastures. Most of you will remember, the land at our entries is owned by Johnny Jones (the developer of Shepherds Glen) and TXDOT. I have met with Mr. Jones, and, he is interested in selling the land to the HOA. Unfortunately, as the current HOA board has discovered, Shepherds Glen HOA has lost its state charter due to not filing its annual tax returns, and we are working on getting the charter re-instated prior to purchasing any property. To get the charter re-instated we must file all years of missing tax returns, both federal and state. (Back to 2006 for the State and back to 2008 for Federal.) Texas requires all back tax returns be filed and Federal (IRS) requires only the past six years of tax returns be filed. At this point you should be telling yourself, “we don’t pay taxes, we are a non-profit”. You are correct, BUT, we still have to file a tax return, even though, if done properly and timely, there should be no taxes due. However, in our current situation, there will be taxes due, and possibly a penalty.

Our treasurer Nancy Swenson has had several meetings with the IRS and State of Texas Comptroller, and we are attempting to finalize all filings that the state is requiring in order to request from the Secretary of State that our charter be re-instated. A couple more trips to the IRS and State Comptroller, and we should have our tax debacle cleared up. If you see Nancy out walking her dog, give her a hug. She has worked diligently to get this straightened out. Some of you might be aware that every time you have a meeting with the IRS or State Comptroller of Texas, you start over with a new person assigned to help you. It is frustrating to say the least. Once the taxes are cleared up, we can re-apply for our state charter. Once the charter is reinstated, I can get back to negotiating the purchase of the entries.

Which, brings me to the next issue requiring time from the board (we have had 15 board meetings this year) HOA dues. It is the boards’ opinion that $200 annual dues should be mandatory. We have monetary needs as a community. We have entrances to purchase and maintain, we have water bills to pay, it would be nice to have seasonal plantings at the entrances, we would like to see more block parties and new safer street lights. This will require a commitment from all of Shepherds Glen. That being stated, soon you will see the board members canvassing the neighborhood with an amendment to the restrictive covenants. The amendment is listed in the document section of this webpage. Along with the amendment is a letter from an attorney knowledgeable in our HOA, stating that the restrictive covenants can be amended with a simple majority vote of the lot owners. It is my hope that making the $200 annual dues mandatory will generate greater participation than the current 60 % of lot owners that faithfully support our neighborhood. We are asking you to support this amendment.

The annual meeting will be set very soon, and will be communicated through the HOA website. A sign will be posted at both entrances alerting you to important information on the website. Look for that information soon.

In closing, I want to thank the HOA board for their service this year. There has been so much work that has gone on this year. We have had meetings with The Shepherds Glen Developer, TXDOT (several times) Heath Water Department (several times), Heath city manager, IRS (several times), State of Texas(several Times) Attorneys(several times) Accountants(several times) Rockwall County officials(several times) electricians, surveyors, landscapers and plumbers. The board has tackled each issue with a positive attitude and is truly working for the betterment of our neighborhood. It is nice to be on a board where there are no hidden agendas, and no required task goes without a volunteer. Please join me in thanking Nancy Swenson, Jon Stewart, Jim Lauber, Cliff Craddock and Alexis Vankerkhove Moerschell.

They have gone above and beyond this year.

Frank New
2 Shepherds Way.

North Texas Municipal Water District Enacts Stage 3 Water Restrictions Change beginning Sept. 1

Effective September 1, 2014

City of Heath Water Customers will be able to use sprinklers or irrigation systems on designated days, once per week. See schedule below for specific watering days and times for your property.

Download a PDF version of the Stage Three Water Declaration (updated September 1, 2014) for restrictions and failure to comply penalties.